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Personal Expressions


The loss of someone you love is never easy. It is important for family and friends to have the opportunity to celebrate the life and memories of their loved one. If you wish to share a personal expression in remembrance of someone who has passed, please go to their respective tribute page to leave a message. 

Below is an archived list of past Personal Expressions before we introduced the new tribute pages. 

Personal Expressions

John Acres

May 10, 1971 - November 24, 2001

You are resting in His arms now. 

You were taken from us too soon. We will never forget your passion for cars and your beloved Yankees. Mom and Dad 

Josephine Borrelli

April 6, 1922 - February 4, 2015

John 3:16 - For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

Our Mom, Grandmother, Great Grandmother will be sorely missed here on Earth but will be forever reunited in everlasting life with those family members and friends that have passed on before her.

Helene Combopiano

August 1, 1937-December 19, 2015

Te amo siempre.

Linda Croft VanWinkle

May 6, 1958 - December 21, 2014

I will love you forever I will love you for always As long as I'm living my mommy You'll be

I miss you mom more than anyone could ever know. You were my everything! I think of you every minute of every hour of every day. I love you and always will 

Josephine Edwards

December 25, 1919 - March 20, 2015

Aunt Jo's Eulogy Josephine Edwards...Aunt Jo...personified the spirit of a true Christian. She treated everyone well, always willing to help those in need and never spoke ill of anyone. Her sweetness, sense of humor, gentleness and love made her a delight to be around. She had great humility - never taking herself too seriously and often laughing at herself as she shared stories about her everyday experiences. Aunt Jo always had a positive outlook on life, knowing that whatever happened, it would turn out fine. Her honesty, and then trust that everyone would be as honest as she, made her who she was - never pretentious, never insincere...and always welcoming. Visiting with her was a complete joy. At family gatherings you knew where Aunt Jo was - and that was wherever the laughter was coming from. Everyone looked forward to seeing her and she looked forward to seeing everyone. One sister, four brothers, (and the respective in-laws) and 10 nephews and 6 nieces - she touched us all in ways we will always remember. It is impossible to think of Aunt Jo and not smile or feel inspired by her love of life. Her spirit, her generosity, her encouragement, and her forgiveness were irreproachable. Her baklava was irreproachable as well. Just the thought of her baking would make your mouth water: Baklava, Scottish Tea Cookies, Coconut Cake, Corn Fritters, and of course - the 1-2-3-4 Cake. Always perfectly made and perfectly presented...and wonderful to eat. Then there was her sense of fashion - always with style, brightness, class, and cheerfulness. I remember my grandmother saying how much my Uncle Tom loved to take her out and show her off. She took such pride in her appearance - and she was beautiful, inside and out. Coco Chanel said "A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous." Aunt Jo was classy and fabulous. We love you Aunt Jo, and will miss you.

Phillip Fresinski

March 18, 1925 - March 27, 2006

Once Jewish people read the Bible, they will understand, as I do, that Yahshua (Jesus) is their Messiah. 

Once dad was saved, he was the first one to arrive at church. He became known as "Faithful Phil". His green car was the ICON of our congregation. It represented the beginning of the Sabbath.

MaryAnn Gregory

September 9, 1952 - July 19, 2012

Then the righteous will shine like the sun in the kingdom of their Father. Matthew 13, V.43

MaryAnn was my younger sister by a year and nine months. Only in the last few years have we picked up the fragile thread of our relationship. Somehow, our geographic distance and not having some of the more recent technology, didn't allow us to develop much of a post-childhood relationship until recently. I will always remember MaryAnn as a model homemaker. She was so talented and so pure of heart. We had many talks and had truly become friend-sisters. It is painful for me that I lost her at this time, just when we both had so much to look forward to. But, also, I know MaryAnn had a great faith, and it is in that, that I find solace. I pray that I can keep in touch with her family. She was a dedicated wife and mother and professional in ther field of dietetics.

Susan Thomas Henderson

February 1935 - December 2003 (Buried December 15, 2003)

"Bernard, remember to always say please and thank you..." The other day, I took Billy, our grandson, out to visit his grandmother's grave. I asked Billy what he remembered most about his grandmother to which he replied, "she always reminded me to say please and thank you." I began to tell Billy some of the wonderful stories about his grandmother. One was when I proposed to her in 1951. She said "yes" and then later reminded me that I did not say, "May I please ask for your hand in marrage and that I got so wrapped up in giving her a hug that I forgot to say thank you." I love telling that story about the love of my life.

Rebecca Knowles

February 18, 1983 - May 6, 2005

"Can miles truly separate you from friends.... If you want to be with someone you love, aren't you already there?" ~Richard Bach 

Everyday that goes by I think about you and I playing at Gigi's. Her house is not the same without you there. Todd Knowles

Rose Kurbaba

Michael and I have very fond memories of Aunt Rose. We will miss her and send our condolences to all the families. Dear Aunt Rose, may eternal peace be your blessing and reward for a life well lived. love, connieDavis

Erin Lee

June 7, 1944 - August 21, 2000

" I dropped a tear in the ocean. The day you find it is the day I will stop missing you." ~Author Unknown 

fleur de lis sisters Kate Hartigan 

Julia Rene Myers

March 21, 1963 - August 29, 2000

You were the sunshine of my life.

You were my wife and best friend. Ron 

Jason Adam Smith

January 17, 1979 - October 28, 2005

Although gone, you will never be forgotten. 

This last Saturday was the one year anniversery of the tragic car accident that took my beautiful husband. We are all thinking of him and forever will we love and miss him! He was the light that filled so many dark places. Leanne Smith 

William Stanley

May 23, 1939 - January 24, 2000

Love is just a flutter away.

He was loved by everybody. He served this country. He died at home in his sleep. Christine Stanley 

Tiffany Wetzel

April 2, 2002 - September 19, 2002

You were a gift from God -- our precious little daughter. In the short time that you were with us, you taught us about what's important in life. You brought us so much love. Your daddy and I know that you are now sleeping with the angels. 

Dolores Yigal

March 2, 1956 Interment April 19, 2009


When I went to live with Dolores, in the Philippines, she had an edge about her -- a mild mean streak that no one knew about except me. I set out to purge the edge by reading childrens books to her. Her first reaction to my approach was met with rejection. "I am not a child," she said to me when I began reading my first story to her. Stunned but not deterred, I opened and began reading "The Story of Jumping Mouse" by John Steptoe; and to my surprise, she listened to the whole story. As our time together turned into months and then more months, I read more and more to my wife and "The Story of Jumping Mouse" became (unknown to me) her favorite story. The day came when I had to return to the United States; and I left without Doris and not completely sure if I would see her again. It was at this moment when Doris became a miracle worker. In order to avoid any discussion of not coming to the United States from me, Doris did not tell me that she had received her VISA. Rather, she only told her sister in California and her cousin in the Philippines, who then purchased an airplane ticket; and against all odds Doris flew, all by herself, from Cebu to America. I was shocked beyond belief when Doris called me and told me she was in America; and when I asked her, how in heaven's name could she make such a perilous journey alone, she said, "Hon, I just remembered the story of the Jumping Mouse; and I was Jumping Mouse." I could absolutely relate 100 percent to her aspiration and the determination that guided her along the way. Without any further discussion of maybe she should not come to the U.S., I accepted the undisputed fact that Doris' place was with me. She deserved to be here and she had earned her opportunity to join me in New York. "The Story of Jumping Mouse" had merged our hearts into a single heartbeat. When Doris died, I repatriated her body to the Philippines. On the night before she was buried, I became her shomer." I stayed with her all night to guard her body, nurture her soul and give her spirit a sense of calm before surrendering her to eternal rest. I, therefore, brought and read poems, prayers, and childrens stories. To neither Doris nor my surprise, the story that I read the most to her over the course of the night was "The Story of Jumping Mouse" -- a childrens story that synchronized our hearts. Omri Yigal 

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